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Final Touch Pro 1.0

About the plug
Final Touch Pro is tailored as a master-plug to spark Final Cut Pro (version 3-7) and Final Cut Express. It is supposed to be the final touch you do on your program. The best way to work is to nest your clips and get just one clip to apply the plug on to. The plug contain effects that are particularly desired in finishing, thus canned in one flavour: “high quality”.

About the three effects & when you should use them

Overscan Cleaner
This is easy - it zooms your video with a unit related to video production. You probably want to crop your media when you export to a format that might be viewed from a computer (i.e. QuickTime or DVD Video). It’s included because it will save you a whole generation in quality (the zoom is performed in the best order of the other effects). It’s substantially better to crop at this stage than in Cleaner and it’s necessary to do it now if you distribute with the Export Queue in Final Cut Pro.
Note: Overscan Cleaner should be turned off when you do a master for a (TV-) broadcast or when you master to any form of tape.
Film Blur
It basically puffs your highlights (Glow) and to compensate for the brightened image there is an option to add color in the dark areas. Video cameras has a great depth of field resulting in a crisp picture and this effect will add the nice blur of film to your video. It should also help your compressor when you export to DVD Video or QuickTime since it has “smothered” your image and adjusted the contrast. Expect the same quality with about ten percent lower bitrate than usual.
Film Strobe
It’s basically a really complicated de-interlacer. It will take some time to render but you will finish with fabulous and soft result. You should always de-interlace video footage and field-based renders when producing video that can be viewed on a computer (DVD Video and QuickTime). To be accurate, it’s when your movies become larger than half of your working resolution: height > 288 for PAL (Europe) and height > 240 for NTSC (America). “Film Strobe” is in many ways comparable to ordinary “Motion Blur”. It performs similar results to your footage where things move in the picture (e.g. car passes by or a zoom / pan) as “Motion Blur” does to your graphics when its position on the canvas changes. You can also compare the quality / render-penalty between “Film Strobe”/“De-interlace” as to “Motion Blur” set to on/off. If you know you’ll use this effect in the end you should select “field based render ” in all other applications (e.g. your 3D-app’s) since “Film Strobe” will make your fields blend smoother.
This nice deinterlacer can be applied with opacity which is really useful.

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